Urgent: Luis Díaz’s parents left Colombia and secretly traveled to Liverpool for safety |  Football curiosities

According to the information provided by Blue RadioLuis Díaz’s parents, his wife and daughter would have left Colombia on Friday night.

As revealed by the radio outlet, the Liverpool club made a private plane available for Luis Manuel Díaz (father), Cilenis Marulanda (mother), Geraldine Ponce (wife), Roma (daughter), Jesús Manuel and Roger Díaz (brothers) to land in England.

In addition, it was learned that Luis Díaz will join the family in Liverpool after his participation with the Colombian National Team in the match against Paraguay on date 6 of the South American qualifying round.

“On this Friday night, Luis Díaz’s parents, wife and daughter traveled to England, where they will spend Christmas and New Year. It is expected that, after Colombia’s match against Paraguay, ‘Lucho’ will be reunited with his family in English territory,” they expressed.

In addition, Blu Radio confirmed that ‘Lucho”s family landed at Liverpool’s John Lennon airport this Saturday morning.

The guajiro’s idea is to be with his family during the Christmas and New Year holidays: “Every year they have done the same thing and this year will be no exception. They are going to spend Christmas in England, with their family, to rest and regain energy. The idea is for them to be calmer over there,” explained Josher Brito, cousin of Luis Díaz.

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