Toulouse vs Liverpool, summary, result and video goals with Díaz starting in Europa League |  UEFA Europa League

A surprise. Not only because of the number of goals they conceded, because of the poor procedure, because of the poor reaction, but because the false step allowed the rivals to get closer in group E of the Europa League.

Liverpool fell 3-2 against Toulouse in a match in which they did almost everything wrong, with an alternate roster at the beginning and starters at the end, but without response and ineffective against a combative and brave rival in group E.

Luis Díaz seemed restless, immersed in the game, happy again, asking for the ball and opening space on the left and even participating in a clear scoring chance with Mac Allister, before he put a shot into the hands of the goalkeeper, probably in a hurry.

But the French team was threatening, protected by the generous support of its fans, and knew that attacking behind the defenders’ backs could be a formula. He didn’t need it because, in the 36th minute, an individual error by Tsimikas opened the game: he lost the ball at the start, with all the free space between him and his goalkeeper, and Donnum only had to put in a good shot, which brushed past a red defender, and celebrate the unexpected 1-0.

And the complement started badly, although Salah was already on the field, and was saved from the second when Dallinga had a great goal play annulled but a very dubious foul on Matip. The attacker would have revenge, in any case, when at 58 minutes a triple mark came on Díaz, who lost the ball and when he took it out they put in the deep pass that this time did increase the score, now 2-0. Total surprise.

Liverpool tried to react and Díaz failed in the change of front that did not reach Salah comfortably, but a truly unusual own goal appeared, a ball that hit Cásseres’ shoulder in the 73rd minute that threatened to open the game, but it did not happen. Because again, on a horrible night for Matip, Quansah and Gomez, Magri got up early and at 76 he celebrated the 3-1 score.

Díaz would leave after 80 minutes without a reward on the happy day of his father’s release and gave way to Diogo Jota, when Klopp’s alternate roster was already nothing because all the figures were already there with Núñez and Jota and it did not improve the game.

A 100% individual action was Liverpool’s 3-2, a nice goal from the Portuguese Jota that came at 88, with no time to try anything else, because although Núñez scored 3-3 in added time, a hand Mac Allister’s preview ruined the play.

The good news, in addition to the happiness of knowing that ‘Mane’ Díaz has been free again, is that he has 9 points in the table and the leadership of group E was not at risk, but he came close, with 7 points, the inspired Toulouse.


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