Storm Graz vs Atalanta: summary, result and video Europa League match goals, Muriel double |  UEFA Europa League

It was a night that started out tangled and ended the same, in a visit to the UEFA Europa League with Colombian prominence but without a happy ending.

Atalanta visited Storm Gaz in group D with obvious favoritism, but could not get past a 2-2 draw, which they worked inch by inch.

The local team went ahead on the scoreboard with a powerful shot by Prass that hit a defender and scored, giving the idea of ​​an own goal, but in the end they gave it to the finisher. After 13 minutes, the Italians who had Luis Muriel as starter were already suffering.

It was precisely the Colombian who, tired of seeing that no one connected with him and that his team did not make a single short pass, solved the problem alone: ​​he received a ball outside the area, he outlined himself and scored a powerful and well-placed shot for the goalkeeper. 1-1. From another party? Maybe, but how much was it worth?

Because the same Atlantic native was the one who stretched the advantage in a controversial play, a handball in the area by a defender with his back turned, which ended in the penalty at minute 45-7 and 0-2 at halftime.

The local team, to complete their sadness, lost Hierlander due to a double yellow and with ten it seemed difficult. However, with pure heart and after seeing that the Colombian, a big headache, was strangely replaced by Gasperini, he went on to achieve the tie: Wlodarczyk scored from a penalty, in another VAR play, for the final 2-2.

Atalanta leads group D with 7 points but with three less are Sporting and the fighter Storm Gaz.

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