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Millions of Colombian fans were glued to the television screens to vibrate with a historic match, in which the coffee team beat Brazil 2-1 on date 5 of the Conmebol Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, and beat Brazil for the first time. the ‘verdeamarela’ in the South American Qualifiers match.

Thus, the Colombian television audience has already provided figures through ‘Kantar Ibope Media’which is the firm in charge of measuring rating figures in prime time.

In the fight to make the fans fall in love, they are Snail TV and the RCN Channelbut the product ‘Snail gol’which has 30 years of tradition, remains solid and its figures are devastating.

Apparently, fans continue to prefer Javier Hernández Bonnet’s comments over Carlos Antonio Vélez’s analysis. “I enjoy it,” would say Rafael Dudamel, who returned to Caracol in place of Gustavo Alfaro.

According to the report of ‘Kantar Ibope’he Snail gol got 18.7 audience points, while RCN TV It registered 5.3, very far from its competition. Without a doubt, a surprising setback.

The worst thing is that even novels like ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ (10.5) or ‘Escobar, el Patrón del mal’ (5.7), got better figures than the great game of Colombia vs. Brazil in RCN.

Rating TV Colombia – November 16, 2023.



RCN He will have revenge next Tuesday, November 21, in the Paraguay vs. Colombia, on date 6 of the 2026 South American Qualifiers.

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