Ramrez: “We have let Viera know that it is important and we have started a new cycle”

UD Las Palmas is enjoying its return to the first division. The ‘po-po’ are 10 points away from relegation and their latest victory against Atlético de Madrid confirmed the good feelings. Tranquility has settled in the club and has only been altered by the situation of Jonathan Viera. President, Miguel Angel Ramirez GOLES cleared up the doubts surrounding the captain: “We have let Viera know that it is important and we have started a new cycle.”

The Canary Islands footballer had an offer from Arab Emirates football. That, added to a family problem, made his continuity questionable. It wasn’t counting much for Pimienta either. Something that, for Ramrez, seems to have been solved: “He has been nervous but things have returned to normal. He has this and two more seasons on his contract. I think that at least this year he will continue.”

Ramrez has been in charge of mediate between coach and playerwho joined training on Monday after permission from the club: “Garca Pimienta needs good footballers and Viera is. “Sooner or later I will play again for UD Las Palmas.” The touchstone will be on Friday in the call-up. “The club has done its part, now it is up to the coach to make the decision.”.

Moleiro is another of the team’s proper names. His emergence into the top category has surprised everyone except Ramírez, who sees in him a potential player and a great potential sale: “We have a player for the future. It could be a great transfer. It would be good for him and for UD. We also want to be calm in the category and have a good team. If he doesn’t leave, nothing happens either.”

Miguel Ángel Ramírez highlighted Pimienta’s great work on the bench: “He is a coach who assumes the sporting culture that we have as an entity”. Furthermore, I recognized that “he likes VAR”and makes football “fairer”. He also expressed his desire for his stadium to host 2030 World Cup matches.

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