Racing confirmed injury to Roger Martínez and he will be out for three weeks |  Colombians Abroad

Colombian striker Roger Martínez started in Racing and against Lanús, the player did not have a good time, as he suffered two elbows from two rivals, but he was also injured and had to leave the field in the second half.

When he left the field, it seemed that Roger Martínez’s injury was a little delicate, but there was no final ruling on what exactly he had. However, it was revealed that the player suffered a tear when a grade 2 muscle injury to the right femoral biceps was detected in medical examinations.

After confirming this injury to Martínez, the forward will be out for three weeks and will not be available until the first days of December.

​In the current season of the Professional League Cup, Roger Martínez has played ten games, scored two goals and scored an assist, and is also a key player in Racing’s starting lineup.

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