Néstor Lorenzo’s mistakes in Colombia’s victory against Brazil: to avoid repeating them in the Qualifiers |  Colombia selection

The joy passed, the happiness of Luis Díaz’s double, the satisfaction of the first victory of the Colombian National Team against Brazil in the World Cup Qualifiers.

The guajiro was the exclusive figure, there were high peaks of performance like James, Camilo Vargas, Dávinson Sánchez, Kevin Castaño or Luis Sinisterra. But in the euphoria, certain passing moles cannot go unnoticed, largely due to the decisions of coach Néstor Lorenzo.

Although it must be recognized that their bet was clearly offensive from the beginning, not everything went well and it must be corrected to avoid difficulties next Tuesday, during the visit to Paraguay.

The inactivity
The decision to play with two creative players from the start, James and Carrascal, did not end up being a good test. The Dynamo Moscow player plays little for his club and that, when it comes to comparing himself with men with the continuity of Luis Díaz, makes it evident. Lorenzo usually greatly respects the history of the players and the response they have given him in the past, but he needs to better weigh the current situation with which they arrive at the call. The Cartagena native accused of fatigue and lack of reaction and that mistake had already been made with Mina in the past. You don’t always get the good answer that James has given.

Time for relief?
The situation turned out well only because Kevin Castaño is a great player, with a heart that doesn’t fit in his body. But if he has two ‘lame legs’ on the sides, even sacrificing him may not be enough. Against Brazil it was Matheus Uribe on one side and Jorge Carrascal on the other and between the two they only reloaded the work on the man at the head of the area. In the first case, it is a man who plays little in Qatar and who has received dozens of opportunities without convincing. Is it time for him to be replaced? The issue must be approached honestly: the only commitment that is valid is with Colombia.

Borré is not extreme
​Perhaps the great lesson of the duel against Brazil has been the role of Rafael Santos Borré, a man from the depths of the coach, who literally plays wherever he is put because his commitment has no limit, but it does not mean that he always performs as well as he does. as it would in its natural position. I deleted, if you want to use it, it must be number 9. That sin of misplacing it was already committed by Rueda in the past and was condemned. Is he the one sacrificed to make room for James? Completely. And it is difficult to dislodge the 10 now that he is giving the best version of himself. But clearly to defend that thesis the best thing is a natural right winger and that was clear with the good impact of Sinisterra when he entered that position. If there is no 9, it is unfair to expose the good Borré like this.

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