Néstor Lorenzo reacted to Colombia’s historic victory over Brazil Qualifiers |  Declarations |  Colombia selection

Néstor Lorenzo acknowledged that he cried with emotion for the historic triumph of the Colombian National Team over Brazil, on date 5 of the South American Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

The Argentine coach analyzed the difficult match in Barranquilla, in which Colombia came back and beat the Brazilian team for the first time in a Qualifying match. However, he also talked about the emotional part that he brought together the group of players.

“It was a week of mixed emotions, because we started praying for the father’s release and ended up celebrating ‘Lucho’s two goals, surely for his father who suffered. He excites me. I always tell the boys that there are moments that excite from the game and the dedication, what they transmit and that is what they do. That’s why they have to think about flying high. I’m happy, they played with their hearts. ‘Lucho’ deserved this. He generated many, it was not given to him, but God wanted it to be right now and it arrived, as he had to finish this, with Luis Díaz as a hero,” Lorenzo commented.

“Crying with emotion is the nicest thing that can happen to a man. We come from the previous date, having been left with a bitter taste due to the few points added. We had pressure. People encourage you, but they tell you that you have to win no matter what, and sometimes it affects you. So we tried to free them, with a lot of work from the coaching staff behind the team. There is a very beautiful energy and those hugs speak for themselves. If a tear falls, it is welcome, as long as it is from emotion,” acknowledged the National Team coach.

(See video from 27:32)

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