Message from James Rodríguez: total happiness after Colombia’s victory against Brazil |  Colombia selection

It was Luis Díaz’s night, the night of his double, the night of his vindication, but behind him there was someone just as happy or happier for his ideal night in the historic 2-1 victory against Brazil in the Qualifiers.

James Rodríguez was perhaps more excited than if he had been the author of the notes. And on social networks he made evident the pride he felt for the match his team signed.

With this clear message he greeted the day after the victory, the first in history against Brazil in the Qualifiers:

“We are more of the good ones. Now let’s continue down this path,” added the captain, who always has plenty of motivation when he puts on his country’s shirt.

James signed a match for Lucho Díaz, he supported him for 90 minutes, it was more solidarity than prominence and that had a reward in the end. The hug, the kiss they gave, the brotherly love that the Metropolitan saw and the world gave him the happiest Friday.

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