Luis Díaz sent an emotional message after being reunited with his father at a concentration in Colombia |  Colombia selection

Luis Díaz lived complex weeks after the kidnapping of his father Luis Manuel Díaz, who was in the hands of the ELN for several days that generated commotion in Colombia and the world. However, ‘Mane’ was released and the reunion with ‘Lucho’ generated an impact.

After being released, ‘Mane’ had not had contact with his son Luis Díaz, who took advantage of his call to the Colombian National Team in Barranquilla to meet with his father and mother. In addition, the soccer player’s daughter, wife and other relatives were at the meeting. .

The reunion with his parents went around the world and Luis Díaz delivered an emotional message when he was next to his most loved ones.

Thank you, God for allowing us to be together again as a family”, fue Luis Díaz’s message on his X account.

​In this way, Luis Díaz will begin to work to play the match against Brazil, this Thursday, September 16 in Barranquilla, for date 5 of the South American Qualifiers and very surely, this reunion means a positive mood for the player.

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