Luis Díaz dedicated his goals and the victory against Brazil to his father: “he is a great brave man” |  Colombia selection

This Thursday, Colombian soccer celebrated for the first time in history the victory of the National Team against Brazil 2-1 in the South American Qualifiers. The emotion overflowed beyond the souls present in the Metropolitan stadium, but also from the fans who cheered around the country.

Colombia’s victory, beyond Lorenzo’s approach, the encouragement of the public and the desire of the players on the field, has its own name: Luis Fernando Díaz Marulanda. Who shone with a historic double in a match full of emotion, considering everything that happened in previous weeks.

After this emotional double against the ‘canarinha’, the Liverpool player spoke in a mixed zone after the feat accomplished on this fifth day of the South American Qualifiers, which by the way, continued with Néstor Lorenzo’s undefeated performance in this Colombian National Team.

Lucho’s response was clear to the revenge he had for the bad personal moment he experienced weeks ago due to the kidnapping of his father, and he stated that this victory and the goals were completely dedicated to him.

The celebration: “It was full of love because my family was there, they are the only ones who are truly there, especially in this last week that was quite difficult. Very grateful, happy and content.”

Dedication to his father: “I want to dedicate this victory to my father, because he deserves it and is a great brave man. He is a kind person. He was always confident with that faith and that mentality that he was going to be able to get out of that moment, and that was reflected in the game.”

Extra motivation: “Every time I go out on the field I try to play for my family, dedicate the goals to them who are the owners of my scores, my wife, my daughter, my father and mother, and my brothers who are always there. So this is how I go out on the field, always wanting to score a goal and dedicate it to them.”

Finally, the tricolor was left with the three points at home, and now hopes to validate its good present in the Qualifiers against Paraguay next Tuesday, November 21 in Asunción, for the sixth day of the qualifiers towards the 2026 World Cup in North America.

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