Liverpool does not accept offers for Luis Díaz and rules out an exchange with Barcelona |  Colombians Abroad

Luis Díaz has generated great interest from Barcelona and in recent weeks the Guajiro has been put by the Spanish press as the main objective for the culé team for next year.

Díaz’s current performance is unbeatable and he has had a leading role in both Liverpool and the Colombian National Team, in which he scored a double against Brazil, in a historic victory in the Qualifiers.

However, in what had been leaked, Luis Díaz could go to Barcelona in a deal, first being linked to Frenkie de Jong, but later, Rapinha was mentioned in the business, but little by little that possibility is receding.

First, ‘Liverpool Echo’ mentioned that the Reds are waiting for Barcelona, ​​but they already have a clear answer and highlight that “they would have every reason to trust that their recruitment team could once again meet their objectives if, hypothetically, the Colombian “turn your head and do not fear the call.”

Similarly, Football Insider assured that “Liverpool has no plans to approve an exchange agreement” and, therefore, the Anfield team would not accept any offer for the Colombian National Team footballer.

For now, Luis Díaz will continue playing for Liverpool and his departure from the club will most likely not be easy. In addition, the Colombian has maintained good consistency and before his participation with Colombia, the Guajiro arrives with 14 games played and has scored 4 goals, being one of his best starts with the Reds.

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