Las Palmas: Pepe Mel: “Seville is half my life and I have very happy memories of Las Palmas”

Ebetween two waters, like the most famous song by Paco de Luca. Pepe Mel living Betis – Las Palmas from the barrier. The team of his soul is measured to the last place where he was happy: “”Seville is half my life. The UD are very happy memories and it is a pride to see them.”

From that perspective that gives him not being a protagonist, he has broken down some keys of the game in Radio MARCA Gran Canaria. He has not spared his praise for his replacement on the yellow bench, Garca Pepper: “The coaching staff is doing a fantastic job. The team is performing very well. Of course, I think it would be a mistake if UD thinks about salvation or Europe. They have to continue competing and that’s it,” he explained.

He has also talked about the battic equipment

Regarding the clash, he believes that Las Palmas has to continue with the identity that has led it to occupy eighth position at this point: “Las Palmas has to go as a more advanced team.” Villamarn. It will be a very nice game.” Unless there is a 180 degree change, not being Jonathan Vierabut yes Kiriana player Mel knows very well: “Kirian has to burn through his stages. He has to continue having fun and be the protagonist.”

He has also spoken about ‘his’ Betis: “Isco’s performance does not surprise me, because he already showed in Seville that he was another Isco. Furthermore, Pellegrini’s scheme suits him very well with Marc Roca and Guido behind him,” he stated.

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