Las Palmas: Jonathan Viera leaves for Dubi to resolve his future

Por rather that within the template they want to leave aside the present and future of Jonathan Viera, the reality is that the captain is current. Regardless of who it may be, Viera is not just another player, and his last movements are, to say the least, strange. If he caught your attention substitutionthe more he did his last three absences in the calls. Jonathan’s future, as he dropped in his last public intervention, is far from Gran Canaria.

So much so, that yesterday several witnesses saw him in the Adolfo Surez airport in Madrid about to get on a flight to Dubi. Whether Jonathan Viera leaves Las Palmas is definitely a matter of time. It only remains to know when. The where is becoming clearer. Asia is his destiny, and the Arab Emirates your country. He already rejected a multimillion-dollar offer in the summer.


An offer that he rejected because Las Palmas convinced him that it would be important. Viera, after seeing his role in the team, he feels betrayed by García Pimienta and for the president, Miguel Angel Ramrez, who has clearly positioned himself on the coach’s side. It is true that this trip from Viera to Dubi has caught the club on foot. Jonathan had permission from Las Palmas to leave the island to see a doctor in Madrid. He is not expected in Barranco Seco until Monday, but the Sports Directorate was not aware of his movements. This matter has not gone down badly with the club either, since They understand that the trip enters their personal orbit.

This trip does not disrupt Garca Pimienta’s plans with Jonathan Viera. The coach does not count on him for Friday’s game against Atlético de Madrid. It is true that the player asked for a few weeks for personal reasons, but His relationship with the coach broke up many years ago. The goodbye of the best yellow player of the 21st century is close. An exit that, without a doubt, is neither expected nor desired.

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