Las Palmas: Javi Muoz earns his stripes in the Las Palmas eleven

Javi Muoz needed a match like last Friday’s against Atlético de Madrid. Since he arrived, the squad has been enthralled with his football.. His preseason was also good and he even started the competition as a starter. But, after the defeat in Valencia, he lost that undisputed status. The first criticism came, but García Pimienta did not forget him. Far from relegating him to the background, he continued to trust him: “Javi Muoz does not deceive me. I know him from last season and this one. I am happy with him, because he deserved a game like this,” García Pimienta admitted when questioned. by the midfielder in the press conference after the victory against Atltico.

It is true that Muoz can act as both a pivot and an interior player. But it is in this last position where he brings out his qualities best. His physique helps him. An example is the defensive action in the second yellow goal. He reads the opponent’s play in advance, and anticipates to steal in three quarters of the field. But Javi Muoz is not just a ‘box to box’. Madrid has talent and quality. An example is the invisible assistance in the first goal. He lets the ball pass in a smart move, reading Kirian’s position for the shot.

Outlining your midfield

Las Palmas has competition in the center of the field. García Pimienta began using Kirian in a more rearward position, but little by little he has been modeling the wide zone to give more importance to Perrone and Javi Muoz. With Kirian as indisputable and capital, the injured party is now Enzo Loiodice, until then a fixture. All this without mentioning that Las Palmas is competing perfectly without its captain and best player: Jonathan Viera. An aspect that speaks of the good use that the coach makes of his resources.

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