Las Palmas: García Pimienta stops the euphoria: “If we don’t play like we did against Atlético, Osasuna is going to crush us”

Nor Garca Pimienta goes off the path. The Las Palmas coach knows that praise weakens, and he will enjoy much more. That is why today in the press room he sent a message to stop the euphoria after the victory against Atlético de Madrid: “If we don’t play like we did against Atlético or Real Sociedad, Osasuna is going to crush us. That’s the mentality we have to go out with tomorrow.” It is not an empty message by any means. He is aware of how complicated it was to beat Simeone’s team, and he does not detract from it: “The team has deserved praise, but we must think about who we are. “If we do it like this we can compete against everyone and be able to beat anyone.”

The Catalan is clear that the Pamplona match will be complicated, although Osasuna has not started the season too well: “In Pamplona we have to go out and compete like animals. Osasuna has a lot of experience, they play at home. If we don’t do the same as against Atlético, we wouldn’t have any option. It is a team that brings intensity, that plays in its stadium with its fans. This is our way of understanding the game“.

Same script with Viera

This week Miguel ngel Ramrez spoke about Jonathan Viera. It will be a surprise to see him in the call. Likewise, García Pimienta did not want to talk about the captain: “I said I would not talk about Jonathan Viera anymore. If the president does it, I have no problems“. The one he has spoken about is Sandro. Although the plan is for him to return after the break, it is not ruled out that he could be called up: “Sandro is training well. He has good feelings and I’m thinking about calling him or not.“, he declared.

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