Las Palmas – Atltico |  LaLiga EA Sports: A yellow victory with history

La bell of The Palms before him Atlantic It avoids the red-and-white leadership and, in addition, unlocks the memory of two generations. UD’s last victory on the island against the Colchonero team dates back to January 10, 1987. 36 years and 9 months have passed since that 2-1 with Saavedra y Contreras. Kirian y Benito They inherit that honor. Same result as the one experienced on a magical night in Gran Canaria.

It has rained a lot. No player on the current squad was born to experience a victory of that caliber. Not even the stadium is the same. That night the Insular celebrated a victory that moved from the Ciudad Jardín neighborhood to the upper part of the city. The yellow fans filled the 7 Palmas venue with 30,080 spectators. A hobby that lasted only eight minutes doing the wave. Morata made of Marinabut with little time to recover.

A 2-1 to remember, and so that the youngest members of the house understand the ‘little battles’ that their grandparents told them so many times. But, as we live in the present, the reality is that Las Palmas de Garca Pepper He went to bed somewhere in the European zone. Talking about Europe is perhaps a lot of talking. But the UD, for the moment, is clapping.

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