Las Palmas: Alberto Moleiro and the most anticipated goal

ALiberto Moleiro smiles again. He scored a great goal against Osasuna, and from his celebration it could be translated that, in addition to being enormously happy, it was take a big weight off. And the Tenerife team was not having any luck in front of goal. His last goal dates back to May 21, 2022, against Real Oviedo.

It was his debut season and he had already uncovered like a footballer with speed, arrival and goal. And, in his first season at UD, he scored three goals in the Second Division. But last year he tripped over the poles. He hit the woodwork up to five times last year: “I consider I have a goal, even though I don’t have one. I have had five sticks that, if they had gone in, we would be talking about something else“, he admitted last January.

But only 121 minutes of the current season were enough for him to score his first goal in First Division. A play that he made so many times last season, but that always found the post. Starting from the left, he starts inward looking for the angle, profiles and shoots. He did it in Santander on the sixth day. Also in Burgos on 26. And he tried again in El Sadar. this time successfully. Same play, different outcome.

The squad knows the importance of this goal for Alberto: “He scored a great goal, which is very good for him. He had a sensational season last year, but he didn’t score a single goal. This goal will give him confidence to continue progressing“because I think he will be an important player for Spanish football,” admitted his coach, GarcĂ­a Pimienta, in the press room.

His role in the U21

Alberto Moleiro has been called up by Santi Denia to play the two qualifying matches. But Moleiro’s role with the U21 is not yet main. He has only played two games, both coming off the bench.. Two games in which he has barely added 34 minutes. In the First Division, he hopes his role with the team will also increase.

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