LaLiga EA Sports: Las Palmas – Atlético: On the assault of the leader

CIt is true that it may be a matter of one night, waiting for what happens this Saturday and Sunday. However, it will be very significant that the Atlantic I slept this Friday as a leader. For many reasons. One of them, because his best scoring coefficient that would allow him to be at the top despite the triple tie for the lead shows the solvency with which he has been performing since the last world. Another, because he had not occupied that position at this point in the championship since the last time he won. LaLiga. And another, because we must not forget that, until he can use it next December 23, he has hidden in his sleeve the card of the postponed match against the Sevilla with which he could finish rising to first place without depending on other results.

How to look so far is absolutely against nature within the cholista philosophy under which the Atlantic enlarged its showcases with eight titles, it is time to stop at The Palmswho will try to stop, for the third time, the imposing step of the rojiblancos towards the leadership after they failed to do so against the Girona and Real Madrid. It is true that their two duels against the teams that now lead the classification were away, but it is precisely by playing as a visitor that the yellow team has added its last six points, at the same time as the Ray ended the unbeatability of the Gran Canaria.

Stadium, by the way, with a red carpet since Simeone occupies the bench Atlanticsince his four visits (three in LaLiga and one in the Copa) have not only ended with victory, but also with a devastating scoring balance of 1-15. In fact, few places seem more conducive to aspiring to don the leadership suit, since on the island they have not witnessed a victory against the Madrid team since 2-1 with goals from Contreras and Saavedra on January 10, 1987, when no player on the current squad The Palms had been born yet.

History and statistics aside, if there is a solid argument in red and white key to get excited about taking the lead, it is that the troops of the Cholo marches with the same champion face that he had three campaigns ago, when he won the second domestic title of the era Simeone. In fact, the Atlantic He did not appear at the top of the table on matchday 12 since that year 20-21, with the anecdotal leadership after the first day of this season being the only one enjoyed since he lifted that title. In the same way that his current six wins in a row have not been chained since then, when he signed two streaks of seven and eight wins.

That is the path by which he goes to the highest… with the permission of a Sports Union to which his qualifying situation allows him to face the duel without added pressure: he knows he is inferior, but he does not lack motivation, aware that he will have his options of competing against a covered leader.

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