Kevin Castaño spoke about Paraguay, Colombia’s next rival: he highlighted Lorenzo |  Colombia selection

It is one of the great discoveries of the Néstor Lorenzo cycle. He has always given stitches but his graduation from starting midfielder was in the recent victory of the Colombian National Team against Brazil by 2-1.

Kevin Castaño is the present and future of Colombian football and, after signing an almost flawless presentation against the five-time champion, he is a refreshing, ambitious voice that always goes to the front and that does not limit itself to making history: there is always one more challenge.

That’s why when he talks about Paraguay, the next rival, his desire is everyone’s: “They are a very tough rival, a rival that is obviously going to put pressure on us because they are at home and we have to work hard to get them through.”

The important thing, in the end, is how Colombia is doing: “We have been doing things in the best way. The group is working very well. “It is a very difficult opponent and we know that if we work on it and prepare it as the teacher wants, I think we can win.”

The challenge after beating one of the ‘bogeymen’ of the Qualifiers does not end: “Paraguay is a very difficult opponent, who plays the game slowly, who plays the game hard because we know that Paraguayans are very aggressive players. So I think “We have to play a very intelligent game. Effectiveness is going to be the most important thing.”

The group has the conviction and from the bench there is the green light to go and win: “Paraguay is coming behind us, they need the three points. We do not hide, we know that we have to also propose conditions, we have a team to do it, the teacher is not afraid to play, he is not afraid to be brave,” concluded Castaño.

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