Jhon Arias analyzes Brazil in a duel against Colombia in Barranquilla: valuable information |  Colombia selection

Jhon Arias has all the data in his hands: he has just been crowned Copa Libertadores champion with the coach of the ‘enemy’ and that is why his role as informant could not be wasted.

Although the talented attacker will not be able to play this Thursday in the Colombia vs Brazil duel for the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers, he is very involved in the game, with the priority of a victory for his country.

“I know Professor Fernando, I face most of the players every eight days, I have made all the information available to the National Team, which is in a position to seek victory here in Barranquilla,” he said.
What will be your boss’s plan against Colombia? “The people who accompany Fluminense know that the teacher is based on possession, he has an aggressive game, pressure, asserting his style of play, but the national team is different and has less work. That is what I share from his idea , knowing the scenario for everyone.
The time in the national team is shorter than ours in Fluminense, the teacher likes to have control of the game, to dominate from possession, but the context is different, there is less coupling to the pieces, his plan tomorrow will be similar to that of “Fluminense”.

Unfortunately he will not be on the field, due to an accumulation of yellow cards, but he will arrive rested against Paraguay: “It is obligatory, I wanted to be against Brazil, it was special for me, but I do not regret it, I take advantage of these days to be available against Paraguay and in the best possible position,” he declared.

Who can replace him? “Versatility gives a better range of options, it is a call with great potential and at a great time, beyond being similar to someone, there are great players who will know how to play an intelligent game that can give us victory,” said Arias.

A Brazilian journalist told him that they do not have a Cano or an Arias, to the successful Libertadores champion duo, but he responded: “I think it is difficult to point to a player in Brazil who has characteristics like mine, but they have great players in the best teams in the world, with impressive quality, a highly respected rival.

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