Jesús Valenzuela will be the referee for Paraguay vs Colombia. Will the team’s streak change?  |  Colombia selection

Paraguay and Colombia will play at the Defensores del Chaco stadium on the sixth date of the South American Qualifiers, and the commitment has already confirmed the refereeing list for this game. Venezuelan Jesús Valenzuela will be in charge of dispensing justice this Tuesday, November 21.

However, Valenzuela’s record directing Néstor Lorenzo’s National Team has not been good, since in the 5 times that the Venezuelan was in the Qualifiers and Copa América, Colombia never achieved victory.

The last precedent of the 40-year-old judge with the Colombians was in these Qualifiers, when he was present in the 0-0 draw against Chile for the second round. But this referee was present for the National Team’s defeats against Ecuador 6-1, and also against Peru 1-0 respectively towards the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Valenzuela was also in the 1-1 draw against Brazil heading to Russia 2018, and in the remembered Copa América 2021 semifinal against Argentina, in which the National Team of the then coach, Reinaldo Rueda, fell from the penalty kicks.

In theory, the Venezuelan has directed 5 games, with 3 draws and 2 losses. It is expected that the Colombian National Team, under the refereeing direction of Valenzuela, can obtain its first victory, thus increasing Néstor Lorenzo’s undefeated record as coach of the coffee growers.

Given this, the match between Paraguay and Colombia will have the entire Venezuelan shortlist.

Central judge: Jesus Valenzuela
Assistant 1: Jorge Urrego
Assistant 2: Alberto Ponte
Fourth referee: Yender Herrera
WAS: Juan Soto
AVAR: Carlos Lopez

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