Iván Mejía analyzed the rating battle between Caracol TV and Canal RCN in Colombia matches in the Qualifiers |  Football curiosities

Much has been said, before and after, about the match in which Colombia beat Brazil 2-1, on matchday 5 of the South American Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

The historic victory was magnified by some, and diminished by others, especially by the analyst Carlos Antonio Vélez, since he beat “the worst Brazil in recent years.”

Thus, journalist Iván Mejía Álvarez, who is retired from the media, analyzed what happened to Brazil from the two television channels that broadcast the National Team’s matches in the Qualifiers.

In a strong, crude and blunt comment, Mejía explained why Snail TV sweeps ratings and audience figures with the RCN Channel.

“This is very simple: here there are two channels that began to broadcast the Colombian National Team, and one channel, Caracol, with Javier (Hernández Bonnet), who is my friend, is aligned in the defense of the product during all the years it has been broadcast. “, began Iván’s analysis, in a conversation with Marino Millán and his space ‘De Taquito con Marino’.

Ivan recalled that Snail He has traditionally been a defender of the National Team: “Since the time of Adolfo (Pérez), of William (Vinasco), of ‘Cantante’ (Javier Fernández), the National Team has always been doing well for everyone.”

And then he talked about the position of RCNby the philosophy of Carlos Antonio Vélez: “There is another one that is working at this moment that is RCN, which is currently managed by Vélez and he has the habit of being, absolutely, always an enemy of the National Team; just because Snail supports the National Team, ‘I give stick to the National Team, because I have to be against Snail‘: and then this is how it goes: 18 against 5 in the polls.

Iván Mejía concluded: “There is no obligation here to beat Brazil, that is a tombstone that they put on the coach to be able to say clearly, ‘what we said was fulfilled, Brazil was beaten.’ They are plays of convenience, to try to adapt to the result. Look at it there, and you will see that I am right.”


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