It is known what the real value of Linda Caicedo is in the player market |  Colombians Abroad

Linda Caicedo has become an important player at Real Madrid and after her debut with her team on the first date of the 2023/24 Women’s Champions League against Chelsea, the Colombian continues to give something to talk about, even though she could not contribute with a goal, but it was a great highlight.

The women’s soccer media, Soccerdona, revealed the market value of some top players worldwide and among them, they chose Linda Caicedo, who, without a doubt, has become a reference for Real Madrid and her club knows the jewel that he has in his possession.

There has been much speculation about what Linda Caicedo is really worth in the women’s soccer market, but according to Soccerdona, the 18-year-old Colombian player is in the top 5 of the most expensive and is valued at around 150,000 euros, (approximately 650 million Colombian pesos).

Players with the best value in the women’s soccer market:

1. Carolina Wier – 225,000 euros
2. Olga Carmona – 220,000 euros
3. Athenea del Castillo – 210,000 euros
4. Teresa Abelleira – 200,000 euros
5. Linda Caicedo – 150,000 euros


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