Ignacio Malcorra to Néstor Lorenzo if he does not put Jaminton Campaz: ‘He is a criminal’ |  Colombia selection

Jaminton Campaz recovered his good level with Rosario Central and last weekend he was the great figure when he provided an assist and scored a goal against River Plate to sentence the match 3-1 in favor of those led by Miguel Ángel Russo. That performance helped him to be called by Néstor Lorenzo.

Being called to the Colombian National Team was undoubtedly the greatest award that Campaz could have received and in Argentina they have highly valued the possibility of succeeding in this double qualifying round against Brazil and Paraguay.

Many have given their opinion on the level of Jaminton Campaz and one of them was his teammate in Rosario Central, Ignacio Malcorra, who stated in an interview in Argentina and in a very joking way, that if Néstor Lorenzo did not put him on “he was a criminal.”

Malcorca’s statements were announced on Blu Radio’s Sports Blog program and caused a happy moment among the Colombian panelists.

“Campaz is on the FIFA date, add chips to the Colombian National Team,” the journalist told Malcorra and the player responded with a laugh that “if the Colombian coach (Néstor Lorenzo) doesn’t make him a starter, he is a criminal.”

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