He turned the series around to Defensa y Justicia and will play in the final |  South American Cup

In a goalless match, El Halcón and LDU Quito tied the match corresponding to key 1 of the CONMEBOL – Copa Sudamericana 2023 tournament in La Fortaleza.

Despite Defensa y Justicia having the advantage in terms of shots close to the area (12 were on goal, 2 on the post and 13 outside), it was not enough to take the victory in the Fortress.

The figure of the meeting was Leonel Quiñónez. The Liga de Quito defender was important because he cleared 6 dangerous balls.

David Barbona was also key in the Fortress. The Defensa y Justicia midfielder stood out against Liga de Quito since he gave 22 correct passes and kicked the goal 7 times.

At 79 minutes of the second half, Liga de Quito midfielder Mauricio Martínez made a fool of Tomás Cardona, Defense and Justice defender, with a wonderful shot.

With some infractions and constant pauses, the game was played between both teams. There were a large number of reprimands: Paolo Guerrero, Julián López, Agustín Sant’Anna, Lucas Pratto, Luis Zubeldía, Alexis Soto and Santiago Solari.

The Defense coach, Julio César Vaccari, arranged a 4-5-1 formation on the field with Enrique Bologna in goal; Agustín Sant’Anna, Tomás Cardona, Santiago Ramos Mingo and Darío Cáceres on the defensive line; Julián López, Alexis Soto, David Barbona, Nicolás Tripichio and Gastón Togni in the middle; and Lucas Pratto in attack.

For their part, those led by Luis Zubeldía stood with a 4-5-1 strategy with Alexander Domínguez between the three sticks; José Quintero, Ricardo Adé, Facundo Rodríguez and Leonel Quiñónez in defense; Ezequiel Piovi, Mauricio Martínez, Renato Ibarra, Sebastión González and Jhojan Julio in the midfield; and Paolo Guerrero up front.

The match in La Fortaleza was directed by referee Piero Maza Gómez.

He achieved his goal in the CONMEBOL – Copa Sudamericana 2023 tournament and is still in the race for the title. They will play against the winner of the other semi (Corinthians) in nothing more and nothing less than the final of this competition, on Saturday, October 28 at the Domingo Burgueño Miguel stadium.

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