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They say that Colombian football lives in constant disorganization, and the truth is that with the things that happen it is very difficult to debate that position. And before the end of the year, another headache is coming for the clubs that play in the home runs and that go for the title, as well as for the coach of the Colombian National Team, NĂ©stor Lorenzo.

Dimayor and the Colombian Football Federation were exposed this Wednesday, when Colombia’s friendly against Venezuela was confirmed on December 10. Who is guilty? It is not known.

What happened now? On Sunday, December 10, the same day that the National Team will play its friendly against Vinotinto, the first leg of the grand final of League II-2023 will be played. Thus, there may be problems in preparing the call, which, since it is not a friendly match on FIFA date, must include players from the Colombian league and from leagues that are not in competition.

Criticism is already pouring in on social networks, because if Lorenzo calls up players from teams that are in dispute for a place in the final, or for the title, there will be problems with the clubs. He could also call up players from eliminated teams, who would have up to three weeks of inactivity.

In addition to facing Venezuela, Colombia will play Mexico on December 16.

He could also call up players from Liga MX who are already out of competition, or from MLS, who are also out of the final (December 9).

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