FIFA paid the FCF awards to the players of the Colombian women’s national team who played in the World Cup |  Colombia selection

After several months of having had a good Women’s World Cup In Australia and New Zealand, women’s players Colombia selection They will now be able to receive the respective financial prizes for winning each instance and this is due to the fact that FIFA sent a letter to the FCF notifying said disbursement.

The letter was sent by Sarai Bareman, who is director of women’s football at FIFA and was addressed to Andrés Tamayo, general secretary of the Colombian Football Federation and there they notified that the awards to each player who participated in the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand were successfully transferred.

However, in the statement, FIFA clarified that they were not able to remove the tax exception from the players and an amount was deducted from them to be able to pay that income tax and cThey confirmed that each player will be given a total of 60,165 dollars, that is, approximately 250 million pesos.

“Unfortunately, despite the enormous effort made by FIFA, the Australian Government denied our request for tax exemption for all players who have played matches in that country, which was reported to all participating member federations in the communication. sent by FIFA on July 20, 2023,” FIFA mentioned in its statement.

FIFA letter to FCF about prizes



While each player receives the FIFA award from the Colombian Football Federation, a large part of the team is on tour in North American territory and those led by Ángelo Marsiglia have just faced the United States, drawing without goals last Thursday, December 26. October.

It must be remembered that the Colombian women’s team had its best participation in a senior women’s World Cup, reaching the quarterfinals, leaving behind great achievements such as the 2-1 victory over Germany in the group stage.

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