Father of Luis Díaz talks about the kidnapping, the double against Brazil and possible offer from Barcelona |  Colombians Abroad

Luis Díaz is the man of the moment in Colombia, thanks to the double he scored against Brazil in a historic 2-1 qualifier.

It is because of the emotional moment in which those goals arrived, the first on the road to the 2026 World Cup, and the ones he dreamed of dedicating to his father, freed after 13 days of kidnapping in La Guajira, and present there in the Metropolitano, with the tears of happiness that made a good part of the country cry.

Without resentment towards his perpetrators, Luis Manuel, Lucho’s father, spoke of his captivity: ​”Everything that happens in life is put by God as proof and serves to help us so that our municipality, the neighborhood, our Colombia, can be do everything with a good purpose… I am a person from the town, who works tirelessly for the community and I didn’t expect it because of that, but the town realized who I am, they went out into the street to say ‘you are a friend and we love you’ , they know what I have done and will continue to do so that our people can move forward,” he said in a conversation with First Touch of Win Sports.

What I want most is for my life to be normal, helpful, free, for me to be able to enter and leave any place in Colombia where I know they need me, to provide opportunities to young athletes in Colombia because for many the possibility of Colombian football takes them into account is minimal,” he added.

Regarding his son’s goals in Barranquilla he said: “My heart is free for these joys. I had the faith and conviction that Luis was going to score because it was his obligation, out of gratitude to the Colombian people and above all to God so that we would be calm and I felt too happy,” he said.

He knew, like the country, that it was going to be his boy’s night: “Someone was going to enter and once they entered it was going to be happiness for all of Colombia,” he noted.

Finally, ‘Mane’ saved a real bombshell for the transfer market by acknowledging that he does not rule out seeing his son at FC Barcelona at some point, although for now there are not many signs: “I know very little about Barcelona, ​​we see networks and everything but he has never told me anything, to be attentive to something, it is true that he is a faithful follower of the team and it would be his dream but now it is to thank Proto and Liverpool for that welcome with Luis, he wins things easily for his way of being, their discipline, their dedication, but if given the possibility it is an elite team and is among the first in the world,” he revealed.

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