Emotional meeting of Luis Díaz with his father, kidnapped and released by ELN, in Colombia National Team |  Colombia selection

Luis Díaz knew that he was coming for a challenge with the Colombian National Team, the match against Brazil in Barranquilla and then against Paraguay in Asunción for the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers.

But the urgent could not displace what was really important: he counted the days until he landed in his country to hug his father again, who was kidnapped for 13 days and was released last Friday in Valledupar by the ELN guerrilla.

There were days and nights without sleep, with permanent anguish to which the footballer recovered with an admirable aplomb that even allowed him to play for Liverpool. Now it is all happiness, relief, gratitude to God and to all those who helped in the release of ‘Mane’ Díaz.

Visibly moved, the player’s father sat and waited for his boy to come closer, to hug him, for Doña Cilenis Marulanda, Lucho’s wife, and Roma, his daughter, to come closer, for them to be together again, finally after the painful experience of kidnapping.

These images were shared by the FCF at the concentration hotel, where the meeting that the entire country had longed for finally happened:

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