Defense and Justice vs.  Quito League: Summary of the Copa Sudamericana match |  South American Cup

League of Quito He is the second finalist of the South American Cup after winning the global Defense and Justice. The Ecuadorian team tied 0-0 this Wednesday in the second leg semifinal and will be in the final in Uruguay.

In the opening minutes, Defensa tried to surprise the League with a play in the area where Tomás Cardona was met with a right-footed shot, but the shot hit the post.

At 15′, the visitor missed what would have been 0-4 on aggregate with Jhojan Julio who accompanied a counterattack handled by Paolo Guerrero, but the footballer took a shot that barely went wide of the Argentine goal.

In the 33rd minute, Alexis Soto had another chance for the ‘Halcón de Varela’. The footballer received a lofted pass and took a left-footed shot that Alexander Domínguez saved in a great way. However, everything was invalidated as out of place.

By the 38th minute, another clear chance came for the Defense this time with David Barbona who tested the hands of Domínguez who saved the mid-distance shot in two halves.

The last of this half was again from Barbona who tried again from outside the area, but Domínguez drowned out his goal cry as he sent the ball to the corner kick.

In the second half, Liga de Quito remembered to control the ball and the actions and that allowed the Defense’s dangerous actions to be considerably reduced in the match.

In fact, at 69′, one of the clearest chances for the local team came again with Barbona who once again wanted to surprise Domínguez from medium distance, but the ball went very high.

A minute later, Liga had the chance to make it 0-1, with a shot from Guerrero that sent the right post of the Defensa goal.

At 78′, Liga would have another important chance with Mauricio Martínez who took out a defender and scored in a great way with his left foot, but the goalkeeper prevented the Ecuadorians from scoring.

Defense responded immediately with Andrés Lorenzo who this time sent the ball against the post after a great cross from Barbona and then Domínguez sent the ball to the corner kick.

At the end, Liga had the victory in added time with Angulo who took a shot over the rival goal.

With this result, the League won the aggregate 3-0 and will face Fortaleza in the final of the Sudamericana, which beat Corinthians in its semifinal on Tuesday.


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