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The Colombian National Team shone with the help of its greatest figure, Luis Fernando Díaz. His character was key to achieving a historic victory, the first against Brazil in the World Cup Qualifiers, at a particularly sensitive moment for him, after the kidnapping and release of his father. His double is a new chapter and an act of football justice towards him, his dedication, his professionalism and his sacrifice. This is how his team played 1v1 for him, on an unforgettable night in Barranquilla:

Camilo Vargas-6
He responded when he could against world figures, keeping the team in the game with a saved shot against Rapinha and another against Rodrygo.

Daniel Muñoz-6
He had a difficult start but settled in well as time went by. Good on the mark, indebted at the start.

Dávinson Sánchez-6
From less to more, he had problems in Brazil’s goal but he regrouped and in the end he was impassable from below in closing and from above in the still ball, Brazilian weapon. Unfortunately the yellow one takes it against Paraguay.

Jhon Lucumi-6
Another one who gained confidence over time, is undoubtedly a starter as long as he is healthy. He suffered physically due to his recent inactivity but he complied.

Déiver Machado-5
They didn’t clash on the score but they didn’t have the precision of other games in attack. He was just relieved.

Matheus Uribe-5
Another who was unable to settle in, although in his defense he had to struggle with two new partners like Castaño and Carrascal. Moral? He is not the head of the area, he is interior.

Kevin Castaño-6
It took him a while to understand his role but then he was a great relief for everyone, escort for the talented, support when it came to holding the ball. He was injured, he left everything he had.

Jorge Carrascal-5
The inactivity worked against him, but he had a few shots on goal and at the start he teamed up well with James, which was the plan. He lacked more ambition with his great mid-distance shot.

James Rodríguez-6
A sober captain, calm in the midst of difficulty, with the usual average pass, the center to Díaz in the winning goal. He suffers physically, but he has plenty of commitment.

Luis Diaz-10
A machine of physical deployment, of persistence, of sacrifice in the first stage. Half a dozen scoring opportunities generated by him, almost individually, because there is no one on his team who can withstand his vertigo. Two great headers to a goalkeeper like Alisson Becker who trains with him in Liverpool, has studied him and still couldn’t stop him. He finished the game beaten. But with that smile of his, the satisfaction of giving that happiness to his father, free of him in the stands, to his painful family, to his country. A perfect match.

Rafael Santos Borré-5
Little specific weight, to be expected when he is the usual sacrifice to make way for his teammates. Had
only one option and it was just replaced.

Cristian Borja-7
Minute 46, by Machado
He covered the left wing better than Machado but his great merit was his departure in attack and the center to Díaz, perfect for the 1-1

Luis Sinisterra-7
Minute 46 by Uribe
​He changed to improve the attack with a clear attacking man on the right wing, a message for the coach.

​Jhon Córdoba-6
Minute 68 by Borré
He had a chance to score and held his own in the clashes against the Brazilian defenders

Richard Ríos by Carrascal-6
Minute 74
The balance of the team in the half improved a lot with him, he arrived when Brazil was already exhausted but in any case he fulfilled

​Jefferson Lerma by Castaño-6
Minute 83
He arrived to close the game and had no difficulties

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