Colombia vs Brazil: home history of the Tricolor against Brazilians in the Qualifiers |  Colombia selection

The Colombian National Team is hours away from facing Brazil at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla and the team led by Néstor Lorenzo wants to break a negative streak that the ‘Tricolor’ has accumulated throughout history with the five-time world champions.

Although Brazil arrives with seven confirmed casualties, among which Neymar, Richarlison, Casemiro and Gabriel Jesús are the most relevant, the Brazilians will always arrive as favorites regardless of the stadium or rival they face, since it is always in their DNA. the victory.

However, Colombia arrives with an important unbeaten streak of 12 games without losing since the Néstor Lorenzo era began and against Brazil they want to continue increasing that streak with a victory that could be historic.

Throughout the confrontations with Brazil in the Qualifiers, Colombia has never been able to beat them and on this occasion, it seems that the balance is balanced and the feat can be achieved.

By qualifying, Colombia at home has 5 draws, 2 losses and zero wins, but something to highlight in the last three matches is that there have been equalities, but it seems to be time to put an end to those results.

2022 Qualifiers: Colombia 0-0 Brazil
2018 Qualifiers: Colombia 1-1 Brazil
2010 Qualifiers: Colombia 0-0 Brazil
2006 Qualifiers: Colombia 1-2 Brazil
2002 Qualifiers: Colombia 0-0 Brazil
1978 Qualifiers: Colombia 0-0 Brazil

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