Colombia National Team visits Paraguay: the solution that Yerry Mina would give in the Qualifiers |  Colombia selection

The Colombian National Team faces Paraguay and Asunción, for the sixth round of the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers.

He does so with a significant loss in his central defense, none other than Dávinson Sánchez, who had been a regular starter with Néstor Lorenzo.

But the medical news came, Santiago Arias did not arrive at the concentration and that opened the door for Yerry Mina, who had not initially been summoned. The funny thing is that now that last minute guest could make a big difference.

​Goalkeeper Joel Silva left a clue in a conversation with Blu Radio’s sports blog: “I think Colombia has to have the upper half of the field be fast and forceful, if it does that it will complicate the Paraguayan team because the defensive part is suffering.” “Some people are a little slow. With players like James Rodríguez who in one pass gives you a goal pass or Luis Díaz who is very fast. With all this I think that Colombia can get a good result,” he assured.

So Paraguay’s defense is not so secure? Isn’t that your great strength? Journalist Javier Hernández Bonett assured that his sources in the Colombian National Team assure him that Mina can take advantage of that defensive defect that Silva marks and that it could even surprise from the start. It would be, in theory, an unexpected formula in the offensive and defensive aerial game.

The analyst said that he reviewed the videos of Paraguay’s last matches and found that this defect has not been corrected with the new coach Daniel Garnero, which means that, in the direct duel, there would be a possibility for Mina, beyond the inactivity that accuses, because in September he was injured playing for his national team and has only had a few minutes in Fiorentina in his last games. Time will tell if this defender, scorer in the 2018 World Cup in Russia for his country, will lend a hand.

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