Colombia National Team: Néstor Lorenzo explained Mina’s call and preparations against Brazil |  Colombia selection

This Tuesday, Néstor Lorenzo finally completed the group of those called up for the matches against Brazil (November 16) and Paraguay (21), for the double matchday of the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers that closes the year.

It is a short time but his team has already more or less revised the plan, it is a matter of adjusting pieces and going for the three points, which at this point are mandatory after the last draws.

“It is a complicated date but we are confident that we can move forward,” he said in a conversation with RCN TV. They are all fine, even James: “I had a little pain but everything is fine.”

The controversial call for Yerry Mina served to understand several of his decisions: “They are tactical and technical decisions, there are inactive players in the position, we already know that we can count on some of the center backs as full-backs, that is why we decided to bring Yerry, he is in the stage end of its evolution and it is important,” he said.

Does it mean that it is enough for them to be healthy even if they don’t have much in mind to be in the National Team? “No! Regularity is important and also the history, the personality, the way the player behaves when he comes and puts on the shirt. We exchange data with physical trainers, coaches, sometimes there is a fine line on which “One can analyze whether they are there or not. In the case of Mina, he was already on the bench four games ago, others were not performing, we analyzed how important the player is and also his consistency,” he said.

The loss of Arias is an issue that does not produce the expected anguish: “it is a loss, you have to get used to it, the dynamic is like that, an unfair yellow card but other players lose too. Jhon is important for us but we will replace him in a good way.”

Regarding the rival, Lorenzo is not confident about the losses: “Brazil has a new coach, champion of America, who plays very good football, the last date did not add up as we are used to, but they have great players who turn situations in their favor, we are going to see if we can neutralize them and attack them.”

And from the eternal discussion of the 9th he stated: “the important thing is that the situations are generated, the 9th arrived, the 10th, the lane, Arias from the interior was given the penalty… the idea is that many players reach the zone and don’t stand there.”

Points are missing, in his opinion, for the game that his team has shown: “In the four games we played we did it correctly and sometimes better than the rival, you have to know that when the opportunity arises you have to take advantage of it.”

Finally, he referred to Luis Díaz and his family situation and also to the goal with him in Barranquilla: “I spoke, we were available, we want him to arrive safely. It was a happy ending to this very unfortunate story, it was a respite for everyone, we pray “That the father is well, thank God he is at home. ​We are going to try to be protagonists, we will look for the game, with a plan and that the players do a good job for the happiness of Colombia.”

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