Colombia can be first (leader) in the 2023 South American Qualifiers: results that favor it |  Colombia selection

This Tuesday, November 21, the sixth day of the South American Qualifierslast date that will be played in 2023.

The Colombia Selection visits Paraguay in Asunción, with the possibility of closing the year as the only undefeated team in the Conmebol qualifiers.

Besides, will fight with Argentina and Uruguay to finish as leader of the standings. However, in such a tight Qualifier, he cannot relax, because could also fall even to sixth place.

Everything will depend on the score obtained against Paraguay, and on a mix of results that occur in the other matches on the 6th date.

This is the position table in the South American Qualifiers:

1- Argentina | 12 points | +5
2- Uruguay | 10 points | +5
3- Colombia | 9 points | +2
4- Venezuela | 8 points | +3
5- Brazil | 7 points | +2
6- Ecuador | 5 points | +1
7- Paraguay | 5 points | -1
8- Chile | 5 points | -3
9- Bolivia | 3 points | -7
10- Peru | 1 point | -7

How can Colombia finish as leader of the Qualifiers? These are the results you need

Paraguay vs. Colombia: We have to win, and hopefully by two goals or more in difference. Thus, it would reach 12 points, the same as Argentina has before starting matchday 6.

Uruguay vs. Bolivia: As difficult as it may seem, it would be ideal for Colombia if there was a draw in Montevideo, or even for the Bolivians to win. It seems almost impossible, if you take into account that the Uruguayans have just beaten Brazil and Argentina in their last two games. If the Uruguayans do not win, they will reach a maximum of 11 points and would not surpass the Colombian National Team.

Brazil vs. Argentina: It strengthens the Brazilian team, since it is convenient for the Tricolor if the local team wins at the Maracaná, hopefully by two goals or more. Thus, Argentina would remain at 12 points and the goal difference would be the virtual tiebreaker with the coffee growers.

Ecuador vs. Chile: It would be good for the Australs to add in Quito, so Ecuador would not surpass Colombia in case the National Team does not win in Asunción… we have to think about finishing in the top 3.

Peru vs. Venezuela: Precisely to close the year in the first places, it helps Colombia that Peru begins to add and does not allow the Venezuelans to obtain the three points. This is if the Tricolor cannot win in Asunción.

If the results and an ideal date for Colombia are given, the table could end like this:

Colombia – 12 points*
Argentina – 12 points
Uruguay – 11 points
Brazil – 10 points

*The goal difference could unbalance the tie on points

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