Carlos Antonio Vélez defends himself: explains criticism of the Colombian National Team in Qualifiers |  Colombia selection

The Colombian National Team beat Brazil 2-1 in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers and that, which is a historic victory, has many at odds who are still not very convinced of Néstor Lorenzo’s process.

Perhaps the most explicit in his criticism has been the journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez, who pointed out the DT for an alleged bad approach against the Brazilians.

The curious thing is that his statement has a lot to do with a recent criticism from Iván Mejía, a retired analyst, who had explained the situation more because of the rating fight between Caracol and RCN: “Vélez has the habit of being, absolutely, always enemies of the National Team; because if Caracol supports the National Team, ‘I give stick to the National Team, because I have to be Caracol’s opponent’: and then this is how it goes: 18 against 5 in the polls,” he stated.

Now, as a response or just a coincidence, Vélez has published an extensive comment in which he details his disagreement and has nothing to do with the channel in which he comments.

“There is no need to point out for greater clarity on a topic… I never analyze a football game taking as a reference the football that I like. If that were the case I would only be able to work with Bielsa’s national team today,
Uruguay, which is the one that is closest to what I love about the game. But my obligation is to analyze what each one in their own style and form does well or badly. In that context I find many gaps in the other teams. The
The Colombian National Team has shown and that is valued attitude, rebellion, they do not spare any effort, they fight for all the balls, responsibility, professionalism and delivery of values ​​that were scarce before. There is a real change in that. Including those who lived in a bubble or in a comfort zone like James for example,” he stated.

“Today football may have, and has, very big gaps in tactics, in studying the rival, in the team’s initial stoppage and in choosing the eleven to play but in ATTITUDE 10 points. That has made up all the weaknesses it has, such as the coach not finding the team and the lack of a defined identity,” he added.

“It is worth highlighting that we spent many years without putting our foot down, without running, confident in technical quality and so on, but now the best thing we have is dedication, leaving every last drop of sweat on the field. that that is not playing football well but it is part of a framework that is needed to be competitive. And the day they add that “playing well” to what they want to play we will be reaching the ideal. And the fortitude thing is valid for all those who are putting on the shirt without any exception,” he concluded.

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