Carlos Antonio Vélez criticized Colombia: ‘the worst Brazil in the last decade’ |  Colombia selection

The Colombian National Team defeated Brazil for the first time in World Cup Qualifiers, on a dream night for Luis Díaz, author of a double in the 2-1, happily dedicated to his father in the stands of the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla.

However, far from having unanimous praise, the national team was harshly criticized for alleged defects that started with the starting eleven, in which only the Liverpool man was saved.

“From the emotional point of view everything was wonderful… Lucho, his father, the goals, the victory, getting out of that mediocre mess… excellent… But… in terms of football, mud. The worst Brazil in the last decade that it had added alone a tie between Venezuela in the last two games and without half a dozen starters was set up from the start and they had to appeal to the heart, the balls and Lucho to, with the pushes, tie and continue on,” said analyst Carlos Antonio Velez.

“It would have been unforgivable to fall against a squad that barely brought together 11 who had also never played together. And they beat us until 72 minutes with stick included and brilliant cover by Vargas before the tie. Let the same thing not happen to us from 5-0 with Argentina,” he added.

Lorenzo’s starting and his management of the game were moles in the victory, according to Vélez: “We won and that is excellent and even logical but it could be thick makeup for a bad approach, poor choice of first baseman, late changes and more than expected. same thing that brought us tying games that we should have played better and won,” he said.

“Thanks to Lucho. He was the titan but let us not forget that before the unfortunate event of his father’s kidnapping, many who shouted his goals disqualified and belittled him. All this is hard but no less real,” he concluded.

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