Boca Juniors has its sights on a player from the Colombian National Team, an offer for Campaz is planned |  Colombians Abroad

For any player, it will always be important to be in the Colombian National Team, since that is where they can demonstrate all their abilities and confirm the good moment they are experiencing in their clubs. In addition, the duel against Brazil also generates expectations for what they can do.

One of the players who has been the protagonist and hopes to be one of the novelties against Brazil is Jaminton Campaz, who arrives with a goal and assist that he scored against River Plate.

As a reward he received the call, but he has also already begun to generate interest in important clubs in South America and one of them is Boca Juniors, who would be planning to make an offer to Rosario Central to hire the Colombian.

In Argentina they believe that Campaz can go to Boca, but the problem is that it will not be easy for him to get rid of his top figure in attack and many believe that the economic issue will be influential for the Rosario directives to access the offer.

For now, we will have to wait if Boca finally decides to launch an offer for Campaz, but it is certain that they will be watching the duels against Brazil and Paraguay, as it could be crucial for them to make a decision.

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