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After the Dimayor assembly continued this Saturday, June 25, the clubs participating in the Promotion Tournament debated and analyzed the game system with which they will return to competition.

Thus, a decision was reached, and this will be the system with which the 2020 Promotion Tournament is resumed:

Phase 1:
The round-robin phase will continue, respecting the points obtained in the general table and in the reclassification, adding two dates. The postponed match must be played. There will be 10 dates in this Phase.

Level 2:

Two semi-final home runs will be played made up of the eight teams classified from Phase I. These games will be played round-trip and the first of each home run will advance to Phase III.

Phase 3:

The clubs from Phase II will compete in the final of the Dimayor 2020 Tournament and the winner will achieve promotion.


The team that loses the final to achieve promotion will face the best club that is best placed in the Tournament reclassification table. The winner of this key will be the other team that achieves promotion. If the loser of the final is the same team that leads the reclassification, they will be promoted directly.

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