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Soccer, the 11 against 11 sport in which Germany always wins, as Gary Lineker said, in a new chapter, now in the Champions League.

It was a great game by Galatasaray at the home of Bayern Munich, a battle by Dávinson Sánchez, a story so different from what it was because of Harry Kane: the locals won 2-0 with a double from the Englishman.

It is a shame for so much effort in that first stage, in which with great courage and intelligence, the Turks tied up the Bayern stars and blocked all their paths to the goal: every time Kane, Upamecano, Sané and Musiala wanted to, they crashed with a barrier like the Colombian, impassable from above, and the Uruguayan Muslera, firm under the three palols.

But the one in front was still Bayern and sustaining that performance was difficult, especially when Kane turned on.

Of course, it must be said that Galatasaray had it in an assist from Icardi to Torreira that was going to be a great goal, but they caught the Argentine slightly ahead in the VAR.

That fortune that the Turks lacked was more than enough for Kane in the 80th minute, when Kimmich put an impeccable cross into the area that the scorer did not miss. They watched it on camera again and again and validated it twice… yes, in one of those weird decisions, they validated it first, reviewed it before the throw-in, and gave it again. The VAR stuff…

And then, with Galatasaray playing for the tie, Kane finished off in the 86th: the British wove it, he proposed it to Muller, he appeared behind Dávinson when he came back slowly and scored. The former scoring teammate does not forgive the defender, there is no redemption now that he seems to have found his place in the ‘citizen’ world.

To rescue the Turks, Bakambu appeared at 90+3 to punish the slowness in the Germans’ return and leave the score at 2-1, with emotions until the very final whistle. A great game worthy of Champions.

Now Bayern reigns in group A with 12 points out of 12 at stake and is in the round of 16, while the rest are risking their necks: Kobenhav, who overtook Manchester United and sent them to the bottom of the zone (3), ties in 4 units with Galatasaray. The second place is yet to be decided.

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