Atlético de Madrid: Simeone: Renewal?  “My whole head is thinking about the Las Palmas game”

Diego Pablo Simeone appeared before the media on the eve of visiting The Palms this Friday. True to his philosophy, he only thinks about the game even though his renewal is already being negotiated or he could be the momentary leader if he adds the three points.

Renovation. “Nothing to comment on at this moment, all my mind thinking about the Las Palmas game, which will be complex, with a coach who plays with a risky and offensive style and good thinking about combinative play.”

Reinildo and injuries. “Those who return are good for us to have more pieces in the squad. Reinildo is working, but he still can’t compete. We hope Lino joins the group next week and Memphis as soon as possible, because we need him.”

Sleep leader. “We are not thinking about that situation, but about the rival we are going to face, he plays well, he is brave, he is risky, he wants to propose, with a goalkeeper who plays forward, like a center back who gets a lot of playing time, I like how he plays. “They’re going to have the ball for a long time, I hope we get the game where we think we can do damage.”

Unprecedented duel with Garca Pimienta. “We always value the team, not who coaches it beyond the characteristics of each one. The objective is to look at the rival, see what the coach proposes and what is seen, which is what matters to us.”

Personal change in a year. “A year in your work and personal life can change and you have to always be predisposed to react. But I have not changed anything in my life. We have been able to react well but nothing different happened to me than what happens to all of us at work during the season.” “Luckily we have had people who have accompanied us and we have managed to change the course before the World Cup.”

Peace of mind with your renovation. “Las Palmas and thinking about the game we have to play is the only thing that matters.”

Griezmann, 21st in the Ballon d’Or. “I am part of Antoine’s growth so anything I say seems to be just out of affection. He is an extraordinary player, he has proven it for many years, especially the last one, but let’s let everyone evaluate it as they want because this is not going to change.” “.

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