Atlético de Madrid: Double suit for Atlético

El Atlantic He returned to his old ways just the night he had the chance to sleep with the lead under his pillow. It was not the disaster of Mestallabut he paid dearly for the red carpet that he laid out for The Palms in his two goals. As if that were not enough, luck would also turn its back on him, seeing how Riquelme y Morata They crashed their great actions on the stick.

Without intensity it is impossible to compete

Although Atlético has experienced an evolution in its game that now leads it to win games through its commitment to touching the ball, what it cannot expect is to compete without intensity. The general passivity from the moment Griezmann demands a ball that does not leave the field until Hermoso and company do not overtake Kirian is paid for.

Beautiful screams for the bench

With the score 1-0, Simeone will decide to sit Griezmann and Koke. Later it would be Witsel and De Paul and finally Nahuel Molina. All indisputable and among the best this season. An understandable decision considering that they play practically everything and there is a lot of fabric to cut in the course. However, the one who is crying out for the bench the most is Hermoso, both for being the one who has played the most minutes and for his recurring mistakes, such as the one that led to the 2-0.

Oblak, an unusual night

He has so badly accustomed everyone with his miracles that they have given so many points that the day he does not intervene he gives the feeling of having been able to do something more. There are no memories of his stops in Gran Canaria, conceding two goals that, although they were not the result of his mistakes, raise some debate.

Kirian honors the UD bracelet

Anyone might think that doing without the magic and quality of a leader like Jonathan Viera is suicide. But football is so capricious that the Sports Union can not only survive without its great captain, but is capable of forgetting it. Especially with Kirian wearing the bracelet. Maybe no one more than him deserves that goal.

Morata signs his plenary session

It won’t console him, but Morata goes through such a moment of sweetness before the goal that even on a generally bad day he is capable of scoring what he touches. Even though it was after 2-0, they did not forgive Riquelme’s effort to score a goal that allowed him to sign the plenary session against all the teams that live in First Division, including Atltico itself.

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