New Cheer Team

Cheer tryouts took place Mar. 28, Apr. 4 and Apr. 7. On the first day of tryouts, the girls/boys were taught how to do basic jumps and how to stretch properly. On the second night, they were taught a cheer, chant and sideline that they performed on the last night too in front of the judges. Both teams join together to make one spirit squad and will be performing at football and basketball games all year.



McKenna Baer

Taylor Buddecke

Mackenzie Behrens

Jaxson Berumen

Lauren Campbell

Kennedy Cobb

Carly Collison

Myka Ellis

Cali Erikson

Adriana Estrada

Macie Farber

Ryanna Jackson

Mallory Koerner

Jasper May

AJ Nolda

Brianna Phelps

Mercedes Phillips

Morgan Roe

Rachel Ryan

Matricia Schilke

Taylor Slaymaker

Catelyn Yearta