Personality Colors Disected

Theorists have felt a need to categorize people into specific personality groups for hundreds of years. There have been many theories and models to identify people according to their personalities since those early days of discovery. One of the most relevant and accurate models today is the True Colors model created by Don Lowry in 1978. His model compares four basic personality types to colors, and makes it easy for consumers to identify themselves within the system through an online test. The test can be found at, and only requires a few minutes to take. Here are the results explained.


The main three descriptors that the site provides for an orange personality are energetic, spontaneous and charming. What that basically means is that those with this personality type are often the loudest in the room, very entertaining and sometimes annoying to those around them. Very carefree and adventurous, they are the type of people that when faced with a fork in the road, may just yell YOLO and head for the more dangerous path for fun. These actions are what can often lead an orange into trouble.



People who receive the classification of gold punctual, organized and precise. They seem to always have a plan, and if they do not already, they are sure going to be whipping one up with the help of a spreadsheet or two. Always reliable, they are sure to be a very stable person. Golds are the type of person that when they reach the fork in the road, they already know which way they are going, as well as which direction they will turn for the next 40 miles. A gold finds satisfaction in the end of a very successful plan played out to completion.



A green can be described as analytical, intuitive and visionary. Often very intellectual, a green will always be able to answer a question, and answer it right. They are confident in their answers because they have almost always done the research to prove themselves right. When faced with a fork in the road, they are the type to pull over and analyze which way will be most beneficial in their travels for hours on end. They find joy in finally reaching solutions to their problems and collecting data.



The main classifications for a blue would be compassion, empathy and cooperativeness. They are the type who are always good to talk to, constantly playing the peace-maker and love having strong relationships. When faced with a fork in the road, a blue would surely be in the car with a couple of friends and would take whatever path that would be best for the whole of the group. A blue values good friendships and authenticity, as well as harmony and peace within the lives of those they love.