Travel Destinations

With summer 2019 approaching, it is time to start looking into some great getaways that will leaving you feeling relaxed and with lasting memories with friends or family. Take a look at five unique travel destinations with breathtaking views!


  • Watkins Glen State Park- New York


This park is located in the Finger Lakes State Parks in New York and is known for some

of the most breathtaking views. The park contains a 400-foot gorge with gorgeous waterfalls that flow into several pools of water. Fishing, camping, hiking and simply taking in the views are some of the activities you can do at the park.


  • The Blue Ridge Parkway- North Carolina and Virginia


This Parkway is known as America’s longest linear park stretching over 369 miles.

Through the scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, you can find eight different

campgrounds, 13 picnic areas and several hike-and-bike trails along the way.


  • Sequoia National Park- California


At this national park, you can take a walk through a forest filled with sequoia trees that

stand at around 250 feet tall. The park covers a total of around 400,000 acres of land and every inch is sure to take your breath away.


  • Bonneville Salt Flats- Utah


If you are looking for a unique destination, taking a trip to the salt flats is the way to go.

The flat was formed from what used to be a lake about 14,000 years ago. The salt forms

a beautiful walkway that tourists from around the world come to see. The best time to go is directly after a rainstorm as the salt flat turns into a reflective piece of art.


  • Skagit Valley Tulip Fields-Washington


The best time to travel to the tulip fields is in April when all of the flowers are in full

bloom. So if you are in the area, grab some friends and take a stroll through the stunning fields while watching the sunset over the mountains in the distance.

There are so many beautiful travel destinations that you can witness for cheap! So pick               

your place and find a time to explore some of the unique destinations in the United States.