The Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is the healthiest drink you can consume. It is filled with so many different nutrients and antioxidants all of which highly benefit the body. Drinking a cup of hot tea every morning can lead you towards a healthier, longer life.


Prevents Cancer: Green tea is filled with a mix of antioxidants that can help prevent breast, prostate and coloretic cancers. Women who were drinking green tea were observed and found to have 20-30 percent less chance of developing breast cancer. If that sparks your interest, it should be noted that mixing this tea with milk can reduce the power of the antioxidants.


Protects the brain: Along with antioxidants,green tea is full of catechin. These compounds help protect the brain from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the two leading neurodegenerative diseases. While green tea can’t fully prevent these diseases, it can help reduce the risk of them.


May lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes: About 400 million people worldwide have Type 2 diabetes. Having high blood sugar levels or an inability to produce insulin are causes of this disease. A study in Japan showed that people who drank green tea had a 42 percent lower risk of developing this disease. This is because green tea can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.


Helps you lose weight and lower risk of obesity: Drinking green tea can give your metabolism the boost that it has been needing. Drinking green tea alone won’t lead to losing a ton of weight, but pairing this with a healthy lifestyle can make a difference. It has been shown to decrease body fat in many studies.


Green tea has a a lot of health benefits, and it is worth the extra 10 minutes in the morning to make. Drinking a glass of this a day can have a positive impact on your health for years to come.