Nostalic vs Trendy

Records, bell bottoms, polaroids, retro cereal boxes, these are just a few amongst many trends that are slowly resurfacing. The real question though is, why? Are we reminiscing on the past, or are we just following modern trends?

Nostalgia would be one thing – to appreciate how things used to be in “simpler” times and want to bring them back for that reason only – but bringing them back because society has run out of new ideas is another. Why are people reverting back so much? Maybe it’s easier for us to think of a better time, before we grew up or before we were ever born, to go back before internet and the irrepressible pressures of social media. Possibly millennials have run out of ideas and are reusing old ones, it would be quite like them. After all, millennials tend to get a bad wrap on their work ethic due to their overly-praised childhood and the fact that they always seem to be looking for an easy way out. Perhaps their escape is through the past. By playing the emotion card on others – making them feel like they need something not only because it is “back in style” but because it reminds them of a simpler time – they figure they can make a profit; thus nostalgia marketing.

Nostalgia marketing is a marketing strategy in which the business’s main goal is to elicit a feeling or memory for the customer that is connected to the product they are trying to sell. It seems to be working too. For example, since 2016 record sales alone have increased by nearly 53 percent. Not only does this show a jump in the nostalgic generation, but it proves that nostalgia is in fact trending.

Though, it’s almost as if we are going back in time instead of moving forward by following these retro trends. In order to fit in people are thrifting, antiquing and going through old closets instead of trying to come up with new ideas. Nothing against these nostalgic trends though, the reintroduction of the vintage styles makes them feel new and even a bit familiar, which again plays into that nostalgia marketing.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad for the old to become new again. As long as we are still progressing and avoiding going back far enough to repeat history, then why not reminisce and hope for our future will be as great as those that came before us. Maybe one day the world will be nostalgic of this generation and its copycat trends.