30-Day Challenges

It’s always good to try new things and even create new habits. Some challenges could change your life, whether it be quitting a bad habit that bothers you or working on doing more of what you love. You can start or quit anything in a set about of time if you put your mind to it. On average, it takes 21 days to form a habit so by the end of the 30 days you should be used to it.


  • Give up TV or Social Media –


It can be easy to become addicted to technology. Some people struggle with letting go of electronics. Watching TV or being on social media for too long can have a negative effect on your happiness. If you can tell that it’s becoming a problem, try giving it up for 30 days straight. See how it can make a positive impact on your life.


  • Exercise for 30 minutes –


We all know people that always say they’re going to start working out and never do. Use this challenge to finally get on board with daily workouts. It doesn’t even have to be intense workouts. It could just be going on a walk or playing in the yard with your dog. As long as you are active, in any way, it is sure to give you more energy and make you feel


  1. Give up sweets or caffeine –

This would be an interesting challenge for many of us. See if you can go all 30 days without consuming some of your favorite things. At the end of the challenge, you could find yourself having the usual sweets you love or maybe you could even notice that you are cutting back on the amounts that you consume.

  1. Quit a bad habit –

If you have always been wanting to stop a bad habit, now is your time. Maybe you don’t ever do your homework or you’re always late to class. You could set up a routine to do your homework everyday after school. Also, set a time to leave your house to make sure you get to school on time. Maybe you chew your nails or drink pop everyday. In 30 days you could easily get over those habits.

  1. Keep a gratitude journal –

Life is never going to be perfect. Everyone is going to have bad days, that’s just what happens in life. Get a journal to write in for 30 days. Every night, or whenever you get a chance, write down three things that you were grateful for that day or something to just put a smile on your face.

Doing 30-day challenges can improve your attitude and positivity. Matt Cutts, an American software engineer, did a Ted Talk on this subject, and it is a great video to gain inspiration from. Subtracting a bad habit from your life can make you feel so much better. You could even challenge others to complete a 30-day challenge. Depending on how much effort you put into creating a new habit, it could take 20 days or even up to a year.