Intramural Basketball Season Underway

The Sons of Mitches hold their annual opening day practice. Photo by Mitch Sanny

The Intramural Basketball Season opened with the dream matchup between the #1 Sons of Mitches vs #2 M.B.F.A. (Mad Basketball Fun Ants) on Jan 7. In what was considered “The Game of The Century” both teams were very focused for the game despite neither team having a head coach due to the Kearney vs Lincoln Pius X basketball game. The game did not live up to the hype as M.B.F.A. dominated the SoMs 38-25. The season was officially underway.

With the #1 team in the Kearney Intramural Sports Rankings knocked off, there was potential for other teams to prove that they were worthy of the top seed. The #7 Kearney Rejects faced off against the #8 Flamigos on Jan. 9. The Rejects played a fierce 2-3 zone throughout the game. This was enough to throw off the Flamigos offensively as the Rejects won 47-35 to bring their record to 2-0.

Later that night, M.B.F.A. tipped off against the Meatballers in an attempt to break the Kearney Intramural League point record of 126 set by the SoMs during the 2017 season. After playing super sound defense, their offense could not score enough to break it. M.B.F.A. won dominantly 120-0 in a valiant effort to break the record.

To end the night, the SoMs faced off against the HotShots. Senior center Jackson Sanny went off scoring a career-high 20 points in the 48-25 win for the SoMs. “I was so happy when I beat my scoring record and it was even more fun to celebrate it with my teammates” Sanny said after the game.

Following their win against the Flamigos, the Rejects found themselves on top of the Kearney Intramural Sports Rankings. On Jan. 16 they took their #1 rating up against the unranked CementCows. Points were hard to come by as it was a low scoring effort. The Rejects fell to the CementCows 30-34. Following another #1 team falling, it would be interesting to see who would take the top spot in the Kearney Intramural Sports Rankings the next week. It turned out to be N.B.D.E. (Notorious Ballers Dunk Everything). Will they be the next team to fall with the #1 Jinx?